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Quaker Sacraments

It seems as though a general theme is occurring in the lives of a few Quaker folk. After reading Gregg Koskella’s blog this morning about the theme of his sermon this week, and this blog about new definitions of “church,” I thought I would share a bit of my own sacramental adventures in a non-Quaker church. Erin and I have been living in the Boston area for nearly 7 years now, and for the past 3 years we have been regularly attending a Christ-centered Episcopal church. I grew up Quaker, Erin Episcopalian… Continue reading


Facebook Unplugged

Well, I did it. I bucked the social norm. I cast aside one competing interest in my life. I heeded the advice of one British journalist (here) and stuck it to the man/big brother. Well, really, I just needed an excuse to move on from the time drain that Facebook can be. With the free time I hope to be more active here, and to challenge others to consider the benefit of a place like Facebook, which has a greater agenda than just socially connecting people. Continue reading

Adventurous Life

A friend of mine sent along this quote last night: “The adventure of the Christian life begins when we dare to do what we would never tackle without Christ.” (William Penn) It is especially poignant because the school where we work has recently unveiled a new campaign slogan, which to me is too postmodern and/or relativisitic: “Your Adventurous Life”. What has continually bothered me about the phrase is that it excludes any sense of communal experience. Are we selling an independent experience, or properly demonstrating that formation (educational, spiritual, emotional) is best done in community? By our marketing material, I am not so sure. But, seen through the lens of this quote, I admit I am more excited about the possibilities. Now, we just need to somehow experience adventure together… “You Adventurous Life Lived In Community.” Yeah, it just doesn’t work…

Start with Questions

Greetings! I am glad you are here. I write in order to process, and I desire to process in community, hence I am inviting you to join me in this process. As you can see, this blog is an exploration of faith in relation to what has become a postmodern world. How do we navigate the postmodern matrix as Christians? How do we live as disciples of Christ today and into tomorrow? These are questions I wrestle with daily, and ask not for answers, but to ensure that I am remaining in the process of exploration. So come, explore with me. I trust together as we seek truth, truth will be revealed.