Facebook Unplugged

Well, I did it. I bucked the social norm. I cast aside one competing interest in my life. I heeded the advice of one British journalist (here) and stuck it to the man/big brother. Well, really, I just needed an excuse to move on from the time drain that Facebook can be. With the free time I hope to be more active here, and to challenge others to consider the benefit of a place like Facebook, which has a greater agenda than just socially connecting people.I still hope to have friends. I still hope to stay connected with people. I just hope to do so in a more authentic way than spying on and allowing others to spy on me…The funniest part of all this is that in doing this, I realize I look like a paranoid conspiracy theorist. There could be nothing further from the truth. Besides the fact that President Bush is actually a member of the Knights of Templar, and that Jose Canseco is the true commissioner of MLB, there is very little I am conspiratorially obsessive about. And, well, I guess I believe government is reading this post right now…darn. There goes wordpress…


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