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Our youngest is home from church today with a cold, so I stayed with him. Thirsting for some teaching, I connected with Newberg Friends Church’s podcast of last week’s sermon, “Are we really going to talk about communion?” As I listened to Gregg preach, I wandered on over to his blog to read up on his most recent posting (is this an acceptable form of multi-tasking???). It was there I found his most recent post on his presidential choice. This followed what I found on another Quaker blog last week in support of the same presidential candidate. Reading these two posts, from Quakers I highly respect, makes it seem as though Quaker bloggers (0ther Quakers, too?) are now beginning to vocalize support for Obama. Working at a Christian college, and one that could be classified as more liberal in thought, there seems to be a large network of Obama supporters. I had assumed that the Obama support was the hip thing to do for this age-group. Now I am not so sure that it is merely confined to this age-group, and that is not just a “hip” choice.  So, here is an informal poll: to whom are you leaning towards in this race? What are your reasons? I am looking forward to your thoughts…


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  1. Robin Mohr on

    Hi, today I’m staying home from meeting because I’m sick. I also love Gregg Koskela’s blog. I have often been deeply moved by the teaching in his sermons that is available when I am ready. I prefer open space in worship, but I also value religious education, and Gregg’s sermons are good for that.

    I’m going to vote for Cynthia McKinney in the Green Party primary on Tuesday. But I was really moved by Barack Obama’s preaching in a clip that Peggy Senger Parsons linked to on her blog.

    Robin Mohr
    What Canst Thou Say?

  2. jrjohnson on

    Thanks, Robin, for your thoughts. I have to admit I have spent little time researching the Green Party, but I was glad to read your thoughts on her, and to receive the Obama link. Thanks!

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