Dancing Together

I just finished It’s a Dance by Patrick Oden yesterday, and loved it. Oden uses narrative theology to begin a conversation on the emerging church’s view of the Holy Spirit. It is fresh in its approach, deep in its theology, and very readable.

The book builds nicely from chapter to chapter, and as someone interested in Church history, I love how it ends with a section from Tertullian’s writings. Doing so provides a link from the early church to the new(ish) emerging movement.

Most importantly, the book provides a great opportunity to begin a conversation within the church about the work of the Spirit – and this is something that Quakers can provide a unique and grounded perspective on. As the Convergent section of Friends has already demonstrated quite well, the Quaker church can provide a robust voice in the emerging conversation, because there are some great points of overlap. May we continue to seek the movement of the Spirit in our lives and in the catholic (i.e. universal) church. Oh, and read this book!


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