Meme Book Tag

My friend, fellow Quaker and blogger, Michael Chapman tagged me on a rather fun meme. The rules are as follows:

1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
2. Find page 123
3. Find the first 5 sentences
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag 5 people

So, here it is, and it comes from John Caputo’s What Would Jesus Deconstruct?:

“The world is mad with cruelty, and yet the news from Bangladesh this morning is accompanied by the beauty of an azalea in full bloom outside the rectory (Diary, 73). Unrelieved suffering in the neighborhood, but at this very moment, down at ‘the shore,’ the Atlantic coast an hour or so drive away, the seagulls swing gracefully overhead, the sun rises over the ocean on a brilliant morning. We must believe and we cannot believe that love holds everything in the palm of its hands.”

I tag my new friends:

1. Rich Accetta-Evans

2. John Kindley

3. Zach Alexander

4. Johanpdx

5. AJ Scwhanz


5 comments so far

  1. Martin Kelley on

    It’s John Caputo, actually. I know because I had to suffer with him through philosophy classes and find it funny how he’s become the latest hero of the emergent church crowd. Maybe he’s mellowed and gotten a bit of center to him or maybe I had too much of a chip on my shoulder back in college.

    Glad you didn’t tag me. I’m sitting on the right side of my desk, close to my wife’s bookshelf and so would have to look up p. 123 of the “I Love Lucy Complete Picture Treasury.” If I were a foot to the left I’d be closer to my geeky Quaker bookshelf–wow, I’d actually have my unread copy of Oregon YM’s 75th Anniversary picture book from 1967, except its too small. The Guide to Records of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting would be the first with the requisit page count–Lordy, I wouldn’t want to put any readers to sleep with that one!

  2. jrjohnson on


    Thanks for the edit. I actually came close to tagging you! Hopefully someone from the tagged will think to do so. If I were you I would rearrange your books quickly!

    I am enjoying Caputo’s work, though I can certainly see the edge you are talking about, and also find it intriguing that he is a voice in the emergent movement.

    Thanks for all the work you do in the blogging world. It creates a strong sense of community that I appreciate and from which I am learning and growing.

  3. Martin Kelley on

    I just saw this meme hit Robin M’s blog and while I also missed that tag I’ve prepared myself by putting a copy of the 1806 Philadelphia book of discipline right under my computer–page 123 is full of footnotes about property fromrevisions in the 1830s. Ha!, just see if anyone tags me again.

    My issue with Caputo back in 1988 was that he kept talking in meta-narratives of meta-narratives of meta-narratives, splitting points so fine they didn’t exist anymore, separating his philosophy from any kind of practical application and winding himself up in terminology so obtuse I seriously wondered if he knew what he was talking about anymore. It’s one of the reasons I stopped my academic career with my bachelor’s despite good grades, honors, etc.–I needed to find something real, solid. That led me to political activism, then to Friends, then to Christ. I will definitely check out his book when I’m next in a bookstore, to see if this new Caputo is something different from the fellow I remember.

    And yes, you’re welcome about the blogging connections. I’m just happy that such a strong community has formed–I wouldn’t do this if I weren’t being fed myself, both directly and in the sense of hope it creates.

  4. Zach Alexander on

    Eavesdropping on the Caputo conversation, I’ll note (and perhaps you’re well aware Jamie) that the Gordon philosophy department puts a good dash of Caputo on its reading lists.

    I also heard anecdotally a few years ago that (at least at the time) Caputo was considering himself a Quaker of a sort. Don’t know how literally or figuratively he meant it…

  5. Rich Accetta-Evans on

    Hi Jamie.
    I just belatedly picked up the meme. Not sure I did it right. Now that I’ve read the comments above, I see that I erred in tagging Robin M since she’s already been tagged with this meme.

    – – Rich Accetta-Evans
    (Brooklyn Quaker

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