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Sometimes there are certain themes in life with which we are continually pounded. I often try to dwell on those poundings, though they are sometimes painful, because I am certain they appear as nudges from the Spirit. The theme for me recently: mentoring. Working at a college in different capacities has found me often in mentoring relationships – mentoring students and being mentored by faculty/administrators. While I always look forward to being mentored, because I love soaking up wisdom from those who have gone before, I too often struggle to know where to go when mentoring others. But this past week Erin really challenged my insecurities, and a good friend told me to trust that the Lord is using me, even when it feels like that is not the case. And so today I met with a student whom I mentor, and then met with my mentor. What great experiences these both were, though completely different in what they entailed. I am thankful for what the Lord is doing in my life, though it is not easy! I am convinced, though, that part of living in Christian community is being in these types of relationships where you are pressed to be transparent, honest, and to dwell with one another in the “space between.”


Facebook Unplugged

Well, I did it. I bucked the social norm. I cast aside one competing interest in my life. I heeded the advice of one British journalist (here) and stuck it to the man/big brother. Well, really, I just needed an excuse to move on from the time drain that Facebook can be. With the free time I hope to be more active here, and to challenge others to consider the benefit of a place like Facebook, which has a greater agenda than just socially connecting people. Continue reading

Adventurous Life

A friend of mine sent along this quote last night: “The adventure of the Christian life begins when we dare to do what we would never tackle without Christ.” (William Penn) It is especially poignant because the school where we work has recently unveiled a new campaign slogan, which to me is too postmodern and/or relativisitic: “Your Adventurous Life”. What has continually bothered me about the phrase is that it excludes any sense of communal experience. Are we selling an independent experience, or properly demonstrating that formation (educational, spiritual, emotional) is best done in community? By our marketing material, I am not so sure. But, seen through the lens of this quote, I admit I am more excited about the possibilities. Now, we just need to somehow experience adventure together… “You Adventurous Life Lived In Community.” Yeah, it just doesn’t work…