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Frozen Fun

Thanks to friend Sherri for finding this gem:

Wow! I wish I could have experienced it, and it is very impressive to freeze for 5 minutes.


Random Weekend Bits

I have been delinquent this past weekend in writing! There has been so much going on that writing took the proverbial backseat, and here I am now trying to bring it back to the steering wheel. Here are some highlights from the last time I posted:

Leif Enger, author of Peace Like a River, came to Gordon last Thursday to talk about the writing process, and about his book. All of the freshmen here were required to read it (I am sure that at least half of them did…) as part of the Freshmen Seminar course I (and several others) teach. While there are many other directions I would have loved for him to take, he focused his lecture on writing as entertainment, and the value it plays in entertaining the reader. One comment he made, which I can see in the development of his characters, is that entertainment is meant to expose one to the “bigger picture.” And in the exposure to the big picture, three things happen:

1) You realize how small you are

2) You realize that everyone is the same size as you

3) Your empathy and gratitude for the other is increased.

Like your novel, Mr. Enger, this is well stated and rings true.

– On Sunday, I ran the Hyannis half marathon with a friend. This was a delight not just for the completion of the task and the subsequent endorphin boost, but for the conversation that accompanied the 2-hour-each-way drive. Our conversation ranged from running to the Quaker view of sacraments – what more could there be to talk about!! – and it was a blessing to be able to wrestle with these issues as pre-race jitters overwhelmed us and post-race fatigue beset us.

(Insert soapbox) You should run! If there is one thing I am continually amazed with it is the diversity that arrives each race-day morning at the starting line. Old, young, big, little, fast, slow. It is, as my friend Heather continually describes it, the “great cloud of witnesses.” Running can feel so isolating when you hit the road by yourself or with a few friends each day, and then – boom – you show up for a race and out of the seeming woodwork come runners of all shapes and sizes. It is encouraging and it is fun. You should run! (Remove soapbox)

– New blogging friend Zach Alexander accepted my forwarded meme, something it seems he does not do often. Bravo, Zach!

AJ brought up forgotten memories in her response to the meme. Thanks, AJ. That is what old friends are for…

– Finally, I plan this week, as fellow blogger Wess has recently done, to post my reading list for the year. Feel free to send along suggestions!

Meme Book Tag

My friend, fellow Quaker and blogger, Michael Chapman tagged me on a rather fun meme. The rules are as follows:

1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
2. Find page 123
3. Find the first 5 sentences
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag 5 people

So, here it is, and it comes from John Caputo’s What Would Jesus Deconstruct?:

“The world is mad with cruelty, and yet the news from Bangladesh this morning is accompanied by the beauty of an azalea in full bloom outside the rectory (Diary, 73). Unrelieved suffering in the neighborhood, but at this very moment, down at ‘the shore,’ the Atlantic coast an hour or so drive away, the seagulls swing gracefully overhead, the sun rises over the ocean on a brilliant morning. We must believe and we cannot believe that love holds everything in the palm of its hands.”

I tag my new friends:

1. Rich Accetta-Evans

2. John Kindley

3. Zach Alexander

4. Johanpdx

5. AJ Scwhanz

Facebook Unplugged

Well, I did it. I bucked the social norm. I cast aside one competing interest in my life. I heeded the advice of one British journalist (here) and stuck it to the man/big brother. Well, really, I just needed an excuse to move on from the time drain that Facebook can be. With the free time I hope to be more active here, and to challenge others to consider the benefit of a place like Facebook, which has a greater agenda than just socially connecting people. Continue reading